Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Healthy Ageing in Poland

Would you expect a warm and perfect hospitality in a small region in Southern Poland? I would not have thought about to go and look around there, but as I have visited now Busko-Zdrój near Krakow, being one of a group of several well known experts in international medical tourism, I need now to broaden my horizon. Well, actually the people in this village did it for me as they were able to open our eyes for options on how to organize a wellness, spa and rehabilitation village.
We were meeting a place where senior healthy ageing is friendly embedded in the service portfolio, the structure of this village, the offers on hospitality and the range of medical wellness and rehabilitation treatment opportunities. The air is absolutely clean, surrounded by an extended green lung and Ilan found that he never saw doves so big and fat in the park, so he assumed it must be a healthy place for humans as well...

The people of the region seem just to have started a discovery tour for all their opportunities of which they were not fully aware by themselves. They in fact have many medical professionals, care knowhow, hospitality, spa and wellness facilities, authentic and historic attractions all in close vicinity. What is lacking still is an integration of those assets. But that seems to be under way.
Why is all this important for seniors? When you have reached a certain point in the process of ageing it comes to you that maintenance of yourself is something which you cannot buy in the supermarket or order by internet. It is composed of many things you need to do with your body, a lot of unlearning needs to come and many new habits want to be installed in order to reward yourself with the feeling of wellbeing. Not everywhere the  reshaping of your body functions and parts is possible easily. You need the triggers, the surrounding, the incentives, the acknowledgement for your efforts, the leisure time, and the professional reinforcement to make it happen.

While walking through the central park of Busko-Zdrój you cannot avoid to get in touch with the world in the treetops: birds all over the place signal a peaceful, easy and attractive playground. Your heart will be at ease. And there is one more hidden secret: whereas in the Alps the winter has left us with artificial snow, they have, snow, ice, sun and slopes in January and February.
Who said that Healthy Ageing is only possible in a region with a constantly warm climate below the Zodiac of Hibernation? Me? I would deny this strongly…

The Zodiac of Hibernation: concept by HCSI

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